О нас:

Мы являемся принимающим туроператором по Болгарии. Предлагаем размещение в отелях по всему побережью, горнолыжных и термальных курортах, также детские и молодежные лагеря. Предоставляем дополнительные услуги как трансферы из/в аэропоров Болгарии и Стамбула, экскурсии и мероприятия для отдыхающих на морских курортах, и т.д.

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У  нас имеется индивидуальная договоренность с некоторыми отелями, что обеспечивает нам высокий уровень конкурентоспособности, и выгодные цены размещения.

По всем интересующим Вас вопросам, можете обращаться к нам по электронной почте: [email protected] или общаться по Skype: nadia_newsun

Желаем Вам крепкого здоровья и успешных продаж!

About us:

New Sun Travel is a tour operator founded in Bulgaria in 2009. The head office of the company is in Burgas, with branch office in Sofia and Sunny beach.

New Sun Travel offers a wide variety of tourist services with regard to the Incoming & Outgoing tourism such as:
- hotel reservations, sightseeing tours, “Discover Bulgaria” tours, city breaks, various incentive tours, tailor made and FIT tours, trips to the neighboring countries;
- transport services, rent-a-car, tour guide services;
- holidays at the Bulgarian seaside resorts, skiing holidays, SPA treatment holidays;
- excursions and holidays abroad.

New Sun Travel provide accommodation in all summer and winter Bulgarian resorts, big cities and SPA resorts. Apart from the hotels we have under our own management, we are contracting more than 500 resort hotels at the summer resorts and more than 100 hotels at the winter resorts. We offer properties of all categories - from low budget self-catering holiday villas and apartments to 5-star deluxe hotels. We contract on guarantee basis and many more on allotment basis, so we negotiate very good rates and pass on the benefits to our partners and clients. Our pricing policy is realistic and affordable.
On each resort New Sun Travel offers an excursion program – daily tours in all major languages, jeep safaries, yacht trips and other adjusted to the demands of every market.

B2B -> We offer to our partners to access our hotel bed bank with individual username and password. Find the best offers for accommodation matching the criteria of the clients. Please register your company here: https://online.newsun.bg/admin/users/sign_up

Additional essential branch in New Sun Travel portfolio is the outgoing tourism offering to the Bulgarian market. Last years the company has been focusing mainly on Turkey and Greece.
You can contact us through the e-mail [email protected] , where you will receive a reply within 24 hours. or via Skype: newsun-bg

We wish you all the best and be healty!